New hair growth is great but old hair becomes frayed, weathered and starts to split.


Split ends are a natural occurrence for anyone whose hair is growing. It is a natural process where the new hair pushes the old hair further away from the scalp. The old hair follicle will have wear & tear, and start to shed away from the cortex of the hair.

Here are few health related causes:

Heat - excessive heat stress the hair at the weakest parts

Hair manipulation - brushing, combing, pulling, and etc., will slowly damage hair

Hair Friction - when your hair rubs against hats, pillows, cotton material and other fabrics

What is a hair follicle?

Hair is made up of a tough protein. It is anchored in the scalp with a hair bulb. The hair bulb delivers hormones to the hair shaft (length of hair).


The keys to treating split ends :

Split ends have to trimmed. This is only after a great wash that should include apple cider vinegar, aloe, and a gentle shampoo (non-chemical). In addition, the a deep conditioner on a regular basis (monthly) is a great way to ensure the hair follicles are strong, clean, and hydrated.



If you regularly visit a salon, your stylist assistant or person shampooing your hair should notice split endS. Duafe clients are typically offered a treatment for free to help nudge them to remedy their split ends. A deep conditioner that includes natural herbs and essential oils such as avocado oil will soften the hair. A trim in almost mandatory, as conditioning will only nurture the hair but not stop the splitting.



  1. Wear satin scarves at night
  2. Avoid heat
  3. GET Hair Trims monthly
  4. Wear protective styles
  5. Avoid chemicals
  6. Get a great wash and deep conditioner at least once a month
    1. Avocado oil
    2. ACV rinse and conditioner
    3. Lavender and chamomile wash/conditioner
    4. Aloe vera gel wash and conditioner


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