The hair follicle is infected due to repeated stress from unclean razors and clippers.


Razor bumps are common among African American Men. A diagnosis of razor bumps looks like skin that is bumpy and inflamed near hair lines, short hair scalp locations, and in the back of the hair or under the neck. It is the scarring and excessive growth of tissue.  

Here are few health related causes:

Coily and curly hair - when cut close curls re-enter the skin and causes a pimple

African American genetics that determine a tendency to keloid

What is a keloid?

The skin tries to heal itself but instead of producing scabs (platelets), it produces inflamed skin cells. The soft skin dries and then leaves a harden skin tissue bump.


The keys to treating razor bumps :

  1.   Scalp Massage - this technique stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.
  2.   Hot oil treatments - technique used to moisturize the hair and provide deep nourishment by deploying essential oils, steam, and massages.
  3.   ACV Rinse Treatment - shampoo and rinse that utilizes the cleansing effects of apple cider vinegar. ACV will prevent fungi growth and reduce inflammation.



If you regularly visit a salon, your stylist assistant or person shampooing your hair should notice razor bumps. Duafe clients are typically offered a treatment for free to help nudge them to remedy their razor bumps. The treatment helps the scalps or infected areas but the client may need to see a dermatologist to remove or lower keloids.


Clients have to do all that they can do to avoid razor bumps before they appear. Here are few preventive measures one can take to avoid razor bumps:

1. Wear hair longer than usual between hair cuts

2. Make sure your barber or stylist is using sanitize tools

3. Avoid fades and bald cuts altogether

4. Choose longer hair styles such as Locs

5. Do not use a razor blade...use electric shavers and liners instead

6. Keep scalp and hair moisturize with all natural conditioners and oils


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