We all lose hair daily but healthy hair has a continuous cycle of growth and rebirth.  


There are numerous types of alopecia and a variety of issues such as abnormal hair loss, hair thinning, and hair balding. It is an autoimmune disorder that attacks the hair follicle. Excessive hair loss is not to be confused with normal shedding. Trauma both internal or external can certainly cause alopecia as the body starts to defend itself.

Types of Alopecia:

Alopecia Totalis - complete loss of all scalp hair - starts with round patches

Alopecia Universalis - all-body hair loss

Androgenetic Alopecia - typical male pattern baldness

Traction Alopecia - hair loss from tightly pulled hair (think braids)


Here are few health related causes:

Hormonal imbalances, stress/emotional health, poor nutrition, sudden weight gain/loss.  

Other factors also cause alopecia. Here are few:

Gender, age, hair type, heredity, medicine, chemical (perms)


The key to treating alopecia is understanding the underlying cause for the hair loss and if it is permanent. Stylist have to identify client practices and habits, keep a record of affected areas, and use styling techniques to cover hair loss, during treatment. Here are a few ways to reverse alopecia when possible :

  1.   Scalp Massage - this technique stimulate blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles.
  2.   Aromatherapy - the use of essential oils to calm the nervous system and relax the clients and their hair. Peppermint, lavender, and rosemary are great oils
  3.   Hot oil treatments - technique used to moisturize the hair and provide deep nourishment by deploying essential oils, steam, and massages.
  4.   Cayenne Treatment - shampoo and rinse that utilizes the stimulating effects of cayenne pepper, olive oil, and saw palmetto. This increase blood circulation to the hair and scalp.



If you regularly visit a salon, your stylist assistant or person shampooing your hair should notice hair loss. Duafe clients are typically offered a treatment for free to help nudge them to remedy their alopecia. The treatment is a long process and can be compared to starting over from bad hair cut. Cayenne treatments have been successful at Duafe because each visit includes stimulation, relaxation, and nurturing of the hair/scalp. Clients usually see result within 9 months.


Alopecia typically happens over a stretch of time. For example, a tightly pulled hair style such as braids takes 2-3 years for alopecia to appear. The key is to stop behaviors that increase the likelihood of alopecia. Visit hair salons or braiders who do not tightly pull the hair...they should know how to leave "baby hair" lines while braiding. In addition keep direct heat and chemicals at a minimum. Perms should be avoided at all cost. Talk to a natural hair stylists about options for straight hair style techniques that do not include chemicals. Finally, add hot oil and cayenne treatments to your hair regimen, so that you are constantly stimulating and nurturing your scalp/hair. This small investment (usually less than $10) is well worth it.


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