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Wash n Go Styles are easy if you have the correct product. Duafe does close to 300 Wash N Go styles per month. For all types of hair - kinky, straight, curly, and damaged. This product is really good and makes the hair strong over time.

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Key benefits

Nourishes and Softens

Herbs and for hair

Made without

Parabens, parafins and mineral oils.

Certified organic

Provides long lasting black pigment.

How to use

1. Shampoo and condition hair with all natural products from Duafe

2. Part hair in sections starting from the back.

3. Rub Duafe Hair Pudding (Whip) on finger tips and palm and apply throughout hair and scalp

4. Curls will start to form in your grab a strand of curls and pinch between fingers and pull down the length of the strand. Repeat by grabbing more strands of hair/curls. Pinch. Pull.

5. For best results sit under hair dryer for 15-20 minutes

Our wash n go's last longer than other salons because our product nurtures the hair over time. Also, we know what we are doing ;-)

- Syreeta Scott, Founder of Duafe

Frequently asked questions

What is in the hair pudding?

Duafe's Hair Pudding is a mix of aloe, herbs, essential oils, and minerals that were engineered by a team of natural chemists, hair stylists, and salon owners. The ingredients intensify your natural hair pattern and also feeds your scalp and hair follicles great ingredients.

How long can I keep my Wash n Go?

For best results we recommend updating your wash n go every two weeks or so. Most styles will last for 10 or so days. It really depends on your sleep/hair ritual and active lifestyle. The good thing is your hair will become groomed and healthy, the more you use the product.

Why does it cost $20?

We know that our hair pudding cost more than other brands, but we stand by our formula and ingredients. The ingredients make up the cost for the product. Most companies use synthetic ingredients that are harsh on hair and often creates build up. Our Wash n Go product makes the hair soft and strong.  

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