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We use this aloe based styling gel for the 800 or so Loc Maintenances we provide each month. It nurtures and replenishes the hair without caky build-up.  

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Key benefits

Hydrates and Cleans

Soothes and moisturizes while cleansing

Made without

Parabens, parafins and mineral oils.

Certified organic

Provides long lasting black pigment.

How to use

1. After washing your hair with Duafe Shampoo dry your hair thoroughly with 100% cotton lint free towel

2. Apply small dab-amount of Duafe Hair Slicker to your palm

3. Rub the gel in a section of new grow and palm roll toward the right (repeat for each Loc)

4. Twist in a bantu knot at the top and clip the loc...OR...

5.Pull Locs into a ponytail to dry

It took us years to figure out how to make a product that was healthy and would not flake up. Years!

- Syreeta Scott, Founder of Duafe

Frequently asked questions

What exactly does aloe gel do?

Aloe gel hydrates your hair, similar to how aloe vera is a natural moisturizer for skin and organs. Duafe's Hair Slicker Gel is light, sooting, and reduces bacteria/fungi. It is great for the scalp as well as the hair.

How long can I keep my Duafe Hair Slicker?

For best use, please keep in a cool dark place. You can also keep refrigerated and let sit until room temperature before use. The gel will last up to 6 - 9 months.

Can I use the Hair Slicker on my skin?

We recommend only using the gel on your hair. However, all of our products can be used on skin and hair. Be careful if you have sensitive skin and do not apply a lot of gel on your face.

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