The 3 S’s of COVID-19 at Duafe - Revisited

The 3 S’s of COVID-19 at Duafe - Revisited


Good Day Folks.  As we gear up to re-open Duafe Hair Salon, we want to reiterate that your safety and our staff’s safety is THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT item on our list of responsibilities. You are going to hear us over and over and over again....stressing the measures we are taking to ensure your safety. You are going to see videos and pictures of ways that we will make Duafe safe for all. So today, bear with me, I want to first tell you about some of the new items we have and also re-publish our 3 S’s for COVID 19 Safety.

Here are some key new items we bought:

  1. Air purifiers - three machines and 2 smaller plug ins for the bathrooms, that will continuously clean and filter the air to reduce air borne bacteria, and etc.

  1. Antimicrobial Fogger Machine - a fog emitting machine that we will use to spray antimicrobial “steam” on all surfaces in the shop.  It’s like a deep cleanse for a space.

  1. Stickers and Signs - these are COVID-19 related signs including floor stickers, to remind people about social distancing, washing hands, and wearing masks.  It’s so easy to forget, especially when in familiar environments.


Above are just 3 items that we bought.  We bought many more items that we will discuss over the next few weeks until opening.  Until then...please read/reread the following three S’s of COVID-19 SAFETY at Duafe.


S #1


Screening - we will now conduct mandatory temperature checks of all people entering the building.  This will be done with the use of a temperature gun/checker that points a infrared light on your forehead.  We will not touch you or require you to put a thermometer in your mouth.  This quick check will take seconds and ensure that you are not running a temp.  We hate to have to do this but we want to make sure everyone is safe who works at or visit Duafe.


S #2


Spacing - we will only allow the city/state regulated number of people in the building at the same time.  In fact, we will be much lower than the recommended number.  Our plan is to allow only 5 stylists in the building and 2 clients per stylist.  We have 3 sections within the salon and each section will hold up to 2 stylists and one client each.  The hair dryer chairs will be separated as well.  Shampoos will be done with one person only, at a time.  In short, we will continue to practice social distancing until further notice.  Please note that we are going to extend hours to accommodate appointments and stylists schedules.


S #3


Sterilizing - we will sanitize and sterilize all equipment, stations, bathrooms, and tools throughout the day.  After each service, all areas, tools, chairs, etc., will be wiped with bleach and other anti bacterial cleaner.  In addition, we will require masks for our staff and clients and reduce public handling (pens, snacks, and water fountains).  This, as you know, helps to reduce the possible spread of the virus.

Please remember that we are booking appointments.  Thank goodness (and thank YOU) we are almost booked up for July.  I cannot wait to see You All.