Our Aunt Dot

She is my second investor and second biggest supporter.  My Mom, Vera is the first, but her big sister Dorothy - my Aunt Dot, is right behind her.  Sadly, she was recently hospitalized and became gravely ill. It’s tough, ya’ll.

My Aunt has my Grandma's (Mama) strength and candor.  Mama told it like it was and pulled no punches. If it were not for that straight talk I probably would not have bought my first home (in Brewerytown) before the surge in real estate.  Mama told me to “get that house, Girl”. I listened because I better had. And just like Mama, I remember the day Aunt Dot told me to “get it together, Girl”.  

It was 5:30AM and I couldn’t sleep.  I drove from my house in the dark to Girard Avenue (before Brewerytown existed) and as I walked in Aunt Dot was walking out.  She backed up mumbling good morning and looking me straight in my eyes. I diverted to the snacks that she had left, as well as the curtains moving from the central air unit she had started.  It was her “job” to come in and set up the shop, even though she never got paid. Before, I could look back in eyes she asked, “What’s wrong with You?”.

I had gotten a notice about a tax audit. Without hesitation she pulled out her credit card and said, “Get it together Girl...do what you gotta do.”  Period.  That’s my Aunt Dot.  My second investor. Please lift her in your prayers.  Although I know she'll be just fine...no matter what.