Duafe Upside Down

As I start to live in what some would consider the rebirth of your life - late 40’s and early 50’s, I realize that what we have been taught, or better yet, indoctrinated, is completely upside down.  As you know I relate most things to hair, so forgive me for my tress analogies.  I have conducted at least 80 free hair consultations this month and I can say, with certainty, that women have hair knowledge all !@#$ upped.  I’ve cried with Sistas...I’ve cussed out stylists (not present) under my breath and I sighed...heavily...over and over again.  You see, most people think hair health starts with the hair.  That’s incorrect.  It’s bass ackwards.  Their knowledge is upside down.  Healthy hair starts within the body.  It’s about the food we eat and how much water we drink.  Or the medicine we take and the stress we hold.  Don’t let your short term emotions and a greedy stylist make you think ass backwards.  

Then there is the idea of pain.  Or discomfort.  We were taught to seek comfort and stay away from any pain.  All discomfort.  WRONG!  After 45 years I am now learning that the more I go towards the pain, the more I accept discomfort...the more I grow.  In other words, I get stronger while the discomfort or pain is only temporary.  I am forever strong.  You are too.

This takes me to success or if you turn it inside out...failure.  Most people think failure is bad and that success is good.  I have learned that success and failure are highly subjective and more importantly chameleon-like.  When we succeed, we puff out our chest and often rest on our laurels.  That all too familiar success-stance comes back and bites you in the butt.  Failure is just as furtive.  When you fail, you often think the world is ending and that the pain is unbearable.  Now...with wisdom, I look at my failures and learn from them.  Especially in business.  I tend to find that the more I test and fail the faster I get to the solution or the opportunity.  It’s discomforting but I already told you about that in the last paragraph.

Finally, there is freedom.  I still remember my crazy twenties and crazier thirties.  I was grown and had all types of freedoms.  Let me just end this with this statement - “Freedom without restraint can be dangerous”.  Upside down, inside out, or right side up...just sit quiet and listen to the Universe in YOU.