5 Things I Now Understand After Re-Opening

5 Things I Now Understand After Re-Opening

I’m sorry for the delay in talking with You All.  It has been extremely busy and different for the past week or few weeks, actually.  Now that we are open and serviced clients, I want to talk about what I now understand.  Before I start...let me acknowledge all of the clients - new and old, who came back/set appointments and supported our team at Duafe.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Ok...this is what I now understand:


People really needed their hair done.  No shade Ya’ll, but our hair was looking a mess from COVID-19.  We saw a lot of people who really needed our help.  It made us think about the real essence of Duafe - health & nourishment.  This means that we have to offer more hair/scalp treatments that feed your hair all of the natural food it needs.  Please ask about our Rice Water Treatments.  We are thinking about doing these for no-to-little cost.  It just makes sense and you folks need it.  Sorry for the shade (smile).


Social distancing is NOT easy.  Our team is spaced out and hardly are able to talk.  If you know Duafe, you know there are some SERIOUS conversations at the shop.  Shit...we can barely talk now.  And, my team is there late.  We had to split shifts and….blah, blah, blah.  I’m over social distancing but we must persist.  I should stop complaining.


We were always clean.  Thanks to good home training and a Grandmother who used to clean her stoop every Saturday in North Philly (now Brewerytown, lol).  The UV lights, sanitary station, and endless cans of Lysol make us extra clean.  I bought the wrong air fogger and the new one has arrived.  Stay tuned for the fogger.  Duafe is clean, clean.


Humans adjust to anything...especially our community.  Sometimes it can be a bad thing.  For example, we still patronize, me included, stores/companies that don’t value our community.  We have gotten accustomed to mistreatment and I fight myself with that, as much as I can.  Please don’t tolerate that at Duafe.  We are here to serve you.  We honor your presence and hope that you see IT.  I am proud of our team and customers, who are happy in spite of a global pandemic.  Cheers everybody!  Keep pushing!


We missed you but needed a break.  When you are in the thick of the woods sometimes you can’t see the trees.  This is how I personally felt before COVID-19.  Now I have a clean slate.  Duafe has a clean slate.  You all have a clean slate.  I pray that the quarantine allowed you to have some much needed quiet time.  Thank Goodness for fresh starts and clean slates.  Onward and upward, Ya’ll.  Be safe and encouraged.